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em domingo, 30 de setembro de 2018 |

Hello book-nerds! September is at its end :(

I'm very proud of myself and Madalena, it was a very hard month. Not only did my personal life no give me a break, but college, writing, publishing a book made my time so slim... But I did it and I'm proud and I hope you've enjoyed this extraordinary month - because I'm not doing another anytime soon.

Today is the 30th and so, it's tag day! And I've been recently tagged by Banal Girl to do the Guilty Tag.
As always, I'm doing this with Madalena from Presa Nas Palavras and you should totally go check her answers!
Without farther a do, here we go to our last post of the month:

I do that a lot, if I'm being honest. Normally, I already want the book previously to the sale, but there a times - a few, but some - where there's a sale and I just can't resist...
If it's a good one...

Again. Guilty.
It's really not my fault, it's the community fault. We all do a very good job at hyping books. And I've always been a very curious person...

Not guilty!
I've bought the second book before starting the first, and the third before starting the second, but not never all of them at once.

I do this so much > .<
The Hunger Games, 5th Wave, The Vampire Diaries, To All the Boys I Loved Before... the examples are never ending, truly.

I did this to everyone of my friends on high school, first with Hush Hush, later with The Mortal Instruments. Lately, my mom has been the center of my attention with all the portuguese books I love.

We have two posts on the blog about this... So, it's safe to say you all know the answer to this one.

There's also a post here about this. But the answer is... guilty.
The book I've had for the longest time on my book shelf is Shadow and Bone by Leigh Badurgo.

*cof cof* The Hunger Games *cof cof*

Can't do that.
I'll sometimes jump a few lines ahead and then feel so guilty, I have to go back and re-read the whole page.

It's something I don't do frequently, but, unfortunetly, I have been forced to that to books that were just so horrible I couldn't stand them.

That's it guys!
Are you guilty or innocent? Let me know in the comments.

As usual, I won't be tagging anyone, so feel free to answer this tag if you want!

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  1. Adorei as fotos! ahah
    obrigada por a teres feito! Beijocas!

  2. Omd és mais culpada que eu 😂 mas muito same com a cena de saltar páginas, eu às vezes vou ver à frente porque tenho de saber como acaba, mas volto sempre a onde estava por me sentir culpada