| Review | Phoenix Fire | S. D. Grimm

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Today I'm bringing you a different sort of review!

While these are still my thoughts and opinions that have in no way been influenced by the free ebook, this post is part of a Blog Tour organised by Entangled Teen who I thank for this copy ;) 

Go ahead and find more about this book!

| Review | Eternal Darkness | J. F. Johns

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Hello book-nerds! How are you today?
I'm very sorry for the lack of post, I'm very busy with writing and college so reading time is a little limited! Please don't give up! I'll be trying to be better. Promise.

Today I'm bringing you my opinion on an awesome sci-fi book so if you're a science fiction fan check this review below!

Your Valentine Ship

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Can you feel the looove tonight!

You can't? Don't worry. You'll feel it right after reading this post!
Resultado de imagem para disney gifs about love
Today I’m bringing (along with Tânia) a very special (and romantic) post!
We went to our Instagram account (@thinking_likeafangirl, which, by the way, you should totally follow it)  and asked our followers to choose between a pair of OTPs. The results will be shared on this post and I (with the precious help of Tânia) will talk about the chosen OTPs. 

Before we get to the point, this post might contain spoilers for the following books/series:
The Mortal Instruments
The Dark Artifices
The Infernal Devices
The Hunger Games
Red Queen
A Court of Thorns and Roses
Me Before You

| Book Review | Monstress Vol. 1 | Marjorie Lu and Sana Takeda

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Hello book nerds!
Sorry for being so off on the blog lately, I'm trying to write as much as possible for my second book before college starts again, but I promise I'll be here more frequently from now on.

Today I am bringing you my very first try on a graphic, and what an amazing first ride!

| Review | Amber Eyes | S. D. Grimm

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Hey book-nerds, I can't express how amazingly honor I feel to have known and have had the chance to know this characters.
Please, please, read this saga.