Review- Flame by Tara Heavey

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Resultado de imagem para Flame Tara HeaveyWarning: This review may contain spoilers. Please read the following text at your expense and risk.

Single mother Rachel and young son Ember are on the run from something. Or is it someone? Something or someone dark and threatening. They hope that they are running towards a better life, a life of hope and light. But will they be able to remain unseen and fully escape their past? To create the future that they both desperately long for and deserve, in the heart of the beautiful and verdant Irish countryside. Perhaps finding healing in the magical landscape itself. Maybe. Just maybe. With the help and romantic attentions of Ben the solitary woodsman and the surprising friendship of Madame Cyn, the bosomy and outspoken cafe-owner. And a friend that Rachel could never have imagined. A ghostly presence from the distant past, this time a positive force. Add to the mix a mystical forest and the sudden appearance of an orphaned fox cub ... Through it all. Can the flame of hope and love be kept alive? 

Cover Release - Will Survive by Laua Catherine

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Review - Irmandade de Mariza Martins

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Foto de Mariza Martins - autora.
*I took this image from the authors page*

Hey guys!
So, for the next few weeks, I will be Reading almost exclusively Portuguese books. Why? Because I’m currently organising a massive event with several authors and I need to have their books read by November (date will be announced soon, I’ll let you know as soon as I can!).

Who’ll be joining me in the panel?

  • -       Patricia Ferreira from ‘’Ameaça de um Anjo’’
  • -       Mariza Martins from ‘’Irmandade’’
  • -       Iria Cardoso from ‘’Equilibrio I – O despertar’’
  • -       Ana Dâmaso from ‘’Koldrann’’ parte 1 e 2

I’m also back at college so my to reading has been reduced to waiting minutes. Minutes before a class starts or someone I’m supposed to talk to arrives and time before I get the bus. So what would normally take me a day to read will now take me 2 weeks or more.

I’m very sorry to all our partners, and I will try to be as quick as possible to read these books so I can go back to what I promised I would do!

Since we’re touching this subject, I will probably post less but I will try very hard to have a post a week!

Please understand and don’t give up on me – us.

Let’s go to the book, shall we?

Spotlight - Wooden Heart by Daniel Abrahams

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Guys! What an amazing book I found!!
And by an amazing person as well. I’ve had short contact with the author but he is just starting and is super sweet. So check it out!

Review - Punishment Summer by Peggy Rothschild

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26866550My life is so crazy I have time for nothing and end up doing nothing. 
One thing I try to do though, is keep reading even if only handfull of pages a day.

What an extraordinary book!

Giveaway - The Divine Hear by Danielle R. Mani

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Hey guys!
Today I have an amazing giveaway for you! Totally sponsored by the incredible DanielleR. Mani
We are having four (4) winners!
That’s the biggest giveaway yet in the blog!!!