Review - Ponto sem Retorno (The Point of no Return) by Gabriela Simões

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Hi guys, how are you?

So today’s post won’t just be my thoughts on The Point of no Return it will be about my thoughts on Portuguese writing.

I’m a Portuguese writer so this is a theme that touches me very deeply. I’m a strong believer of supporting what is ours before reaching beyond borders. I try to do that, the only books I buy in Portuguese are the ones written by Portuguese people. (HERE ME PUBLISHERS: I WILL NOT SUPPORT YOUR TRANSLATING BUSINESS!!)

But I’m also the first to criticise our material. Listen, we have so little opportunities, how can we afford for the ones we get to be disappointing? How can we afford not to accept critics from other people when those are the ones that will help us grow?

I see so many bad material out there that it pains me – physically pains me – to think someone might read it and think of that as an example of Portuguese literature.

This is to say I am extra hard on Portuguese books, I will scrutinize every detail of the book and find every little thing that should be correct and I will tell you, so that the author may grow. And listen, I do this to myself, I have friends with the ‘job’ to make that with me, to question every single move on my book, to criticize every little imperfection. And hey! It’s not enough. It will never be enough. Because it will never be perfect. But it needs to be as close as possible.

So I’m authors, if I sometimes come off as a ‘’know it all’’, it’s really not my intention. I’ve made most of those mistakes – I even do some of them – but I feel like it is my duty as a reviewer and a writer and a Portuguese person to try to help, as best as I can.

I’m sorry if that hurts, it has hurt me too. But in the end, you like it or not – it will help you.

I’m sorry for this ramble, I’ve just felt like I really needed to take this off my chest. It is not address to anyone in particular but feel free to let me know your thoughts on the comments.

Review - Ameaça de um anjo (The threat of an angel) by Patricia Ferreira

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Hey guys!
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I'm so excited to talk to you about this book! Not only because of what I have to say but because I had the honor of participating in one of Patricia's presentation and I've got some photos for you (kindly provided by the author).

Review - Dawn of the Vie by Lara Diamond

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Have you noticed we've done really good this week? Bringing you a lot of new contents everyday?! Give us a 'hallelujah'' please!

The Liebster Award!

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 Thank you, Confessions of a Bookaholic, for nominating Thinking Like a Fangirl! We are so excited about this nomination because it represents a recognition of the work we've been developing.
  The Liebster Award it is a way to promote book bloggers. This way, every blogger has an opportunity to exhibit their hard work and, at the same time, their passion. It couldn't be better!
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Review - Blacklist by Alison Noel

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Another review! This one was supported by HarperCollins Ibérica - to which I thank deeply.

Guest Post - Dylan Callens + Giveaway *Winners*

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I'm bringing you something different today. A post made by the talented Dylan Callens author of the novel Interpretation.

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