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Hello book-nerds! How are you today?
I'm very sorry for the lack of post, I'm very busy with writing and college so reading time is a little limited! Please don't give up! I'll be trying to be better. Promise.

Today I'm bringing you my opinion on an awesome sci-fi book so if you're a science fiction fan check this review below!


The world is divided between humans and cyborgs.

Scarlet Lock is neither.

She is a soldier created to kill on command. But her memory has been erased and when she awakens in a government facility she soon discovers that this new world is a dangerous place, full of government secrets and cruel experiments performed in the name of progress.

With the help of a group of cyborgs, Scarlet will fight to uncover the truth and transform the future of the new world she now lives in.

Eternal Darkness is full of suspense, action and romance and will make readers question what it means to be human.


*I was given a copy of this book by the author*

In a world divided between humans and cyborgs, Scarlet Lock is neither. She remembers being human and yet her body can withstand what even the most enhanced cyborg cannot.

What is Scarlet Lock, the girl with a human heart but indestructible skin? Who are the nice cyborgs who seem willing to help her? And the people in the white suits?

I loved this book! I don’t read sci-fi as much as I should because I’m a science-geek and always love dystopian worlds, but THIS BOOK.

The whole world is very well built, the progression of events and the story behind it, unfortunately, makes sense. There’s a lack of knowledge that the author works around nicely, giving the reader just enough to keep him hooked, creating theories, wanting to know more.

 One thing I didn’t enjoy was insta-relationships. They’ve just met but she totally trusts them, even when thinking that maybe she should not, because who doesn’t dream of living with strangers after having been violently attacked on the street? It’s something pretty recurrent on YA that evolve romance, the protagonist finds herself swept of her feet by some stranger guy, unlike most other relationships, in Eternal Darkness the author took time to explore the relationships so even though they started wrong they got on track.

Besides that, this story is great. Well-paced, heart-squeezing tale of family and loss and coming of age, that will make you look at your society with new eyes and – hopefully, teach you an important lesson.

Guys the author is really sweet so don’t miss the opportunity to read an amazing book and fangirl with the author. *whispers* IT’S AWESOME!

I’m very curious about the next tittles on this collection, I can’t wait to have them in my hands! Hopefully in the future, I’ll have the chance to continue this saga!

Rating: 4 stars

Tell me your thoughts in the comments book-nerds! Have you read about this book? What are your thoughts on sci-fi books?

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