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Image result for sonho de liberumThis book unfortunately is only available in Portuguese, still, if you understand Portuguese check this site for information.
Liberum’s dream tells the tale of Gweniver the prophesised child, touched by the five elements, destined to fight the evil Galium that has long terrorised the peoples of her continent. Gwen lives in a hidden kingdom named Essentia, sheltered from outside magic she had much to learn before taking the path towards that big battle.

I was drawn to this story by the premise, by the magic and elements and kingdoms at war. Though it lacked the mystical energy I was hoping for, since it took a very different path (not in a bad way at all) it still had just the right amount of adventure, romance and drama to make the plot interesting.

The first 50-100 pages of the book had me really confused. The author switches points of view and times of events so quickly and without nothing physical to differentiate those jumps, that I was lost; not knowing if I was in the present, past or future, or following Gwen, Dominic or one of their friends. However, these jumps quickly stabilize once Gweniver goes on her search for the 5 arrows that will grant her enough power to fight – and win over Galium.

Susana C. Júdice’s writing flows easily once you get used to it, her description are just on that point that are neither too long nor to short, just the right amount for the reader to picture the scenery. Her characters are relatable, even in impossible situations, their fears and passions are the ones everyone has.

One problem Liberum’s Dream has is the insta-relationships, I’ve rant about this over many reviews… and I think I’ve said it, inta-love is acceptable when it has an explanation; so I kind of have to forgive the author for Gwen and Dom, if I had seen the same things she did, I’ll probably fall that quickly for Dominic. I can’t, however, forgive the other instantaneous connection between everyone else. Annoying guys, it makes the whole plot of that relationship unbelievably dull.

But well, that’s my opinion and if you like books that move quickly on that regard, this might just be the one for you.

Although I then liked the character development and how relationships progressed, there’s one other thing that bugged me a little. And that’s the way her adventure unfolds, I liked it, but after the first two elements it become predictable. Always the same thing: riding towards a clue, being challenged and then going to a party and leaving on the next day.

Still, a very, very good book. Probably one of my favourites when it comes to Portuguese books. If you’re into magic wielding, elements and secret kingdoms you are going to love Liberum’s Dream.

Rating: 4 stars

Let me know what you think of books with inta-relationships in the comment section below.

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  1. Hi, Tânia! Thank you so much for your lovely review and rating! It's always good to be in touch with my readers. The second book is coming out very soon and I think you'll be happier with some of the points you reference. Mostly about the changes of perspectives thrown by the characters, and the plot itself. I grantee it will be easier to follow. Now about the love... I can't help the insta-love! I'm sorry! It's just the way it all comes out in my head, but there will also be less of that in the second book. What can I say? I love, love! And characters in love! But I understand your point of view. Thanks again for your opinion! Hope you'll have the chance to review the second volume and that you'll like it even better than this one. XO, Susana C. J.