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Hello everybody!
Are you looking for a new book for the end of the summer? If you are from the UK, you have the answer for your prayers here! Thanks to Penguin Random House, we are launching a giveaway for all the residents in the UK! And the prize? Well it is nothing less than The Salt Line by Holly Goddard Jones!
If you are curious to know what this book is about, maybe a synopsis will do the trick!

In an undisclosed future, the United States has been divided into zones with metropolitan borders receding behind “salt lines,” rings of scorched earth that protect citizens from a deadly disease-carrying tick.  Those inside the salt line live a safe, comfortable life, and only extreme adventure seekers and adrenaline junkies journey beyond the line to the American wilderness.  When one group of thrill seekers — each with his and her own agenda — ventures beyond the line, they quickly find themselves not only at the mercy of these deadly ticks, but held captive by a community of outer-zone survivors determined to protect their own existence. 
Mirroring real-world issues from today’s headlines, THE SALT LINE features a wealthy businessman with menacing political aspirations, an insect carrying a deadly disease, a great physical and societal divide between the wealthy and disenfranchised, and a future where abortion is outlawed. Into this dismal world, Jones brings strong diverse female protagonists who dominate the plotline, controlling their own stories instead of furthering those of male leads.  

What are you waiting for? `

This giveaway has been sponsored by Penguin Random House UK!
Thinking Like a Fangirl and the Publisher do not take responsability if the book gets lost in the shipping.
This giveaway ends 16th of September and the winner will be contactated and annouced shortly after.
By entering you are allowing us to give you address (which we will ask by email if you are the winner) to be provided to the publisher for shipping proposes.
To be consider as a winner just follow the instructions below!

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Please, if you are not interested in the book and are only looking for a book to sell, do not enter. Any people practicing this, will be banished from future giveaways!

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