Review - The Game (O Jogo) by Mariana Fernandes

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Hey guys!

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Another Portuguese book kindly provided by Chiado Editora. I’ve been talking so much with Portuguese authors and I’m so excited to be reading their work!

And today I’ll be talking about one of the first I got!
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At Revenge the only way to survive is fight.

The Game made me think of The Hunger Games with a twist, because of the people choosing kinds to fight until the death for sadistic reasons.

I like this version of the game, offering challenges that either kill you or allow you to progress in the game until only one survives. The ones fighting are fighting for someone, chose by the creators to make the game interesting, if they survive, they can walk away free, if they die, the other person dies as well.

 Doesn’t it sound interesting?

I loved the idea of this book and really enjoyed the writing, fluid and fast paced, it was excellent in making you feel the expectation of eminent death. The jumping forwards and backwards in the timeline, helps you understand the situation our characters are in and provides a different debt to the story.

Although I had a blast with the concept of this story (side information: I really, really, don’t like the hunger games.) and the imagination of the author, the big downside of this book is it’s size. The Game is only 70 pages long so everything is compressed, ending up rushed and unexplained.

There are also a few unrealistic aspects up to this story, like a person getting raped but being absolutely fine right after. People falling in love at the age of 2/3 and remembering more than 10 years after. People getting revenge because their crush at the age of 3 did not correspond the feeling.

Other than that. It’s a good book
Rating: 3 stars (I can’t give it more with so many pages and incongruences).

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  1. Sinceramente, parece-me um livro bastante interessante!! Talvez se tivesse mais páginas fosse melhor!

    Um grande beijinho!