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Warning: This review may contain spoilers. Please read the following text at your expense and risk.

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Hello my fellow readers! I’ve been away for so long because of my duties as a student! Luckily for me, summer has finally arrived and I’m ready to start reading again! (Not that I stopped reading, but oh well…)
Today I’m back with a review for you and I want to thank M. A. Fernández for providing me this book!
Without further ado let’s get to the point!
I hope you enjoy it!

Rachel has always wanted one thing, true love. She has dreamed about her perfect wedding since she was little and it seems she will finally get it with her fiancé Ethan. However when Rachel meets Tom, an elegant, smart conceited lawyer, everything she believes and feels is called into question. This is a captivating story about the power of distance, lack of time spent between couples, and confusion that put Rachel In Between the two men. Caught in the web of the consequences of their decisions, life’s twists and turns, and the effects of karma on each of the characters. This book will make you question the reason why we do things, and will push you to side with characters as you live through their choices. In Between emphasizes the importance of bonds, true love and the power of forgiveness, and how these can turn the worst of situations into valuable life lessons of love and hope.

I fled through this book because of how easy to read and small it was. I had some issues with the characters and the plot, though.
My main issue was the plot. There are few love triangles that I like and those you know me are aware of it.

So you may ask why I ended up reading a book that promised me one…

Well, a book is more than the love triangles in it. The problem is that this book focuses too much on the love triangle itself and I would like it best if there was more beyond that.
I felt that the plot developed too fast and that there was a lack of depth in it. The conversations weren’t that meaningful, and the dialogue sometimes had unnecessary lines that add nothing to the plot.

I was hoping that there would be something deeper about the story and the relationships built between the characters since it was one of the main things of the plot.
Sometimes I felt that the description of the settings was much more detailed than the development of the storyline itself.

Also, the characters didn’t get to me. I felt there was little to no development and their relationships felt forced, specially Tom and Rachel’s. Theirs seemed more based on lust than love and I should admit that most of the times it annoyed me a little.
Rachel seemed too naïve in some aspects and inconsistent, changing her mind way too fast in some occasions.

I felt that this book could have explored more aspects about Rachel’s life. Where are her friends? Didn’t she have them? What would they say if they knew about Rachel’s behavior? Couldn’t they help the main character to sort out her life?

Two things are clear as day in this book, though: the act of forgiving and karma. Ethan forgave Rachel so easily despite everything she’s done to him and their relationship… But I wonder: how can one person forgive so easily? About karma… She cheated on Ethan and Tom, the other love of her life, the one she loved dearly, cheated on her…

It was an easy reading indeed, but I did not enjoyed the book as much as I’d like to…

Rating: 2/5

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