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Warning: This review may contain spoilers. Please read the following text at your expense and risk.

When Hope CallsSynopsys:

One phone call.
One kidnapped girl, location unknown.
One impossible rescue mission.
When the staff of a human rights NGO receives a call from a distraught girl, Mya, claiming she had been kidnapped, they are thrown on a gut-wrenching quest. They don't know who she is. They don't know where she is or her destination. All they have is a phone connection. Every clue draws them closer to her rescue...or pushes them to frustration. Within the next twelve hours, they must each make daring sacrifices and be tested to their limit.

The clock is ticking, the odds are against them...will they be able to find Mya?

After reading this book, I found myself with a challenge: review it.

I've always questioned myself: how do we create an opinion about a real story?
It's not like I can point things like "it wasn't well explored" or "I felt a lack of creativity in the premise". No. I can't do it because sometimes we don't get to choose how life goes. So, how do we change the succession of the events in order to create a good plot?

Nevertheless, all I can say about this book is well written and carries a heartbreaking story with a terrible ending. I hate the ending.

When Hope Calls made me see the terrible reality of human trafficking. The struggle to help the victims and the despair of Mya made me think of the many times I was living my comfortable life, not thinking about people like her and complaining about the smallest things.

We claim to be a civilized society but we aren't one unless we start to pay more attention to the others around us and put an effort to be more human and actually looking after human rights.

I want to congratulate David Lui for writing such a small but meaningful book. May his words be read by as many people as possible and may his message be spread.

Also, I want to thank for the work of many people who give their lives and time to the humanitarian cause. Thank you very much for trying to make this world a better place!

To all the readers, I highly recommend this book. Mya's story doesn't deserve to be forgotten, neither the story of those 20.9 million victims of human trafficking. Please, help to spread the word.

If you want to know more about human trafficking or want to help, please take a look at David Lui’s website:

Thank you, David Lui, for telling me this story and opening my eyes.

For the message and the importance of this book:

Rating: 5/5

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