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It's no secret for those who have followed the blog for some time that I loved this book that I happen to have the chance to receive a copy on Netgalley, Scarlet Moon. And now, finally, the second book is coming out and I've been lucky enough to be selected for a blog tour hosted by the amazing Laura Grace (go check her blog because she's deserves it!).

I won't take you more time, so without further ado I let you in the hands of S. D. Grimm, the talent mind behind Scarlet Moon and its sequel Amber Eyes (keep your eyes open for the review on the 2nd of February!)

Hello! I am so excited to be here today! Thank you, Tânia, for having me!

I am so thrilled to finally be able to share Amber Eyes with the world. If you don’t know, it’s the second installment in the Children of the Blood Moon trilogy. It’s the next stage in Jayden’s journey to figure out how to save the race of the Feravolk people from the evil sorceress. Mwahahaha! Sorry. *ahem*

I’m not going to give away any spoilers here, but Amber Eyes was both easy and difficult for me to write. Easy in the way that I knew these characters. I already loved them and loved being with them. I already knew what their end destination was going to be, what would happen to them for the most part along the way. But some other characters grew into roles that really surprised me. Some rose to the occasion because of the convictions and bravery they felt. Some had to face down their fears.

A major surprise to me was a character death I wasn’t expecting. I had that character written in book three, so that all had to change. But the scene really showed me the heart and commitment of that character, so in the end it was good. It was the first time I’d ever cried while writing a death scene. And really, I cried because of the POV character’s head that I was in while writing. It was hard for that character and I felt every bit of it while writing. OH MY GOSH! I don’t want to scare all off you off! It was actually a really beautiful moment of sacrifice that changed things for that POV character. So it was good. Not in vain. And that moment of growth for the character corresponded to me and my life as well.

That’s the thing about being a writer. You get emotion from real life. And there was some stuff I was working through at the time that brought some of that heartache forward. And I was able to weave it into the story. The other part is that even when you have the whole thing planned out (like you try and plan out life) you’ll inevitably stumble upon the things that wreck the plan. Like this scene. Like other surprise moments. And that’s really part of the fun of writing for me.

Okay! Happy moments! We talked sad, so let’s talk happy, too! There is a really amazing happy moment in the book that I think readers will love as well. (I mean, at least one.) But one of my favorite things about writing is watching my characters grow and change and develop relationships with one another. And I don’t just mean love-interest relationships. One of my favorite moments in the book is between (gah! Scarlet Moon spoiler if you haven’t read it) well, let me keep it non-spoiler-y, two characters who already had a close relationship, and their moment of trust and real emotion that just strips the scene down to a relatable feeling.

So, yeah. Feels. I write for them, because of them, with them, etc. I’m an INFJ, what do you expect? Lol.

Thank you for reading! I hope you will join Jayden on her epic adventures in my Children of the Blood Moon trilogy! Thank you!


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  1. I love this! I haven't finished my fiction book yet, but I do love how the relationships grow between some of the characters in my WIP. It's fun to see them crack jokes with one another and when they need to blow off some steam.

    Thank you so much for being part of the blog tour, Tânia!

  2. Laura, thank you for contacting me!
    I'm loving the book so far!