Review - A Curse of Ash and Iron by Christine Norris

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I wanted this book so badly and then totally forgot what it is about so I was incredibly surprised to discover this is a retelling of Cinderela.

Eleanor has been spelled by her wicked stepmother who has already put a spell on her father. She has been given instructions on how to break the chain that’s tying her family down but for that she must figure who her heart wants.

One of the characters, Ben, was just incredible and very relatable. For me at least, over creative and a big brother who is just adorable. I’m in love *-*.

Ellie was also a pleasant surprise, a character that could have been too boring or too over done was nicely done. Balancing the struggles of a girl of her status with the struggles of a real girl.

This is not a super innovative story, we’ve all hear the story of the poor girl living with her stepmother and stepsister cruel and ungrateful to her. Forcing the girl to live as a servant when she should be royalty. We have all felt our hearts squeeze when our girl must run from the ball living her prince behind.

My only problem with this book is exactly that. The prince – gentleman in this case – part.
Ellie and Ben seem perfect for each other, their relationship is built form 2/3 of the book and we ship it. And then…we are forced into other relationships, without any fundament. And why? Because Cinderela must end with the prince. No?

I loved, loved, loved, the creativity part of this characters – Ben specially. It’s something different, turning this book unique, even though it is a retelling. We get to see automatons, birds made of steel wiring and flying and the first rough project of a car.

This is a really nice read, overall. If you’re into retellings and machinery. Or just overall light fantasy.

Rating: 4/5 stars.

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