Review: The Word Remains by Brindi Quinn

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Another awesome book I got the chance to review!!
Don't waste any longer and find out more about this tale!

The world remains a mystery.
Fair-haired, fair-skinned Ashlin is the same as her family. She’s the same as her classmates. She’s the same as everyone. Ashlin is one of the last 90 people left in a dead world. Tucked away in a small commune, her only friend is a boy, different from the rest - shunned because his eyes don’t match. And he holds a secret. What really remains in a world thought to be dead? And what forgotten history has been painted into Ashlin’s skin?
In a world where everyone’s the same, difference can be deadly.

About the author:

I'm a young adult / teen author from Minnesota, and I love what I do!
I speak 'quirky' in a variety of genres, from paranormal to sci-fi to fantasy. I'm addicted to awkward love, and firmly believe that banter makes the heart grow fonder.
Check out any of my 15 original works, available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble.


*I’d like to thank the author for being so kind as to send me a full package of things with the book for me to review*
This book has completely blown me away. 

I don’t even…


I think I need another book but there’s none. And I’m lost. I don’t know what to do with my life!

This tale is told by Ashlin, Remnant, a pure race, one of the last humans who populate the Earth.

Or so it seems.

Ashlin, unlike the other 89 people in the world, doesn’t just follow the rules, she doesn’t want to just live.

When you live in a society made to preserve the human race, where do you find the place to put happiness?


Ashlin finds that her little secret, the one friend no one can know about, the one her heart can’t stop beating for, has left her with anything but a short letter; pleading that she’d wait for him.

But Ashlin can wait because after her 16th birthday the government will choose her a husband and it will either be her professor’s brother or the crazy student.
I’m not getting into details because the story is so good. I really mean it. The whole plot is well constructed and entwined that saying something that might seem little, once you start reading it will ruin the book.

So if you like well-constructed, beautifully written books with characters so realistic that you forget you’re reading a book. If you want to be blown away by how creative this book is, go ahead. Because this book is awesome!

Just need to point out something that bothered me but was somewhat lessened by the way it was approached. That is Ashlin and Olté’s relationship. It’s no unbalanced – not the right word – unhealthy is maybe better.

Olté is so intense that it borders obsessive, but Ashlin knows. She find herself quite often thinking about how wrong – sinful – their relationship is and that, for me, lessened how wrong it was. Making it better. Somewhat okay.

Go read the book!

Rating: Solid 4.5

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  1. Loved the review!
    I am curious about this book! eheh
    With Love,
    Banal Girl

  2. Este livro parece espetacular, direitinho para a minha wishlist!