Review: A Bela e os Lobos (Beauty and the Wolves)

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I’ve read quite a lot in this past few days! College gave me a few days on Carnival and I got my reading up to date! I’m already done with 11 books! I don’t if I’ve ever read so much in such a short period of time!
How is your reading going this year?


On an apocalyptic world, where Lycans enslave the Human race, Helena Rengel sees her life changing drastically when her town is conquered and her dad killed.
Alone, with only 17-years, she’s forced to control her house, along with the possessions of her family, not long before understanding that she cannot go up against the highest of the Lycans.
Bent on not giving up, Helena fought back the sex’s assaults from Kyrian, the responsible for her father’s murder, that is know occupying her home.


This book is a portuguese book, given to me to read and review by Chiado Editora, therefore the review on this post was translated by me and it’s not the original.

What do I have to say about ‘’Beauty and the Wolves’’?

I feel like this book could have been so good and it fell so short of my expectations…

If there’s something I’m very keen on is supporting what’s Portuguese, I’m also a writer (actually from the same publisher as Alexa L. D.) and I understand the frustration of not having our work being recognised as something good because there’s just a pre-assumption about the quality of your material… But I’m rambling here and that’s not the important…

I had really high expectation for this book, several blogs I follow have read and liked the book so I was really curious. (And it was published around the time mine was so I kind of followed the ride of Alexa).

Maybe my expectations were unrealistic, but I don’t think that was the problem, the problem was the lack of depth to the story. Great ideas must be followed by a good execution to be good. And ‘’The Beauty and the Wolves’’ has such a great starting point.


And then it just goes meeehhh.

It’s an addicting book. Most of the chapter finish in a way that makes you continue to read the book. I read most of the book in a day (holidays!) but still… I’m actually not sure how to explain.

You have this amazing characters, this really good storyline and then it all just goes around and around and you don’t feel anything for any character.

The romance feels more like Stockholm Syndrome than love, (Not just for Helena but for other characters), and you simply don’t see bounds being formed.

Love that burst out of nowhere, unrealistic character (seriously, who in the world gets capture, tries to escape once and then is convinced they’ll never be able to it?) and a good story that only scratches the surface of what it has to give. Are some of the things that make me so disappointed with this book.

However, I have to point out that it is a good book overall just not an extraordinary one like I thought it would be. It is a good book to spend your afternoon reading, even if it’s not going to pass you much emotion.

It’s still a book you will not regret buying.

I look forward to reading the next one, not only because of the way it ended but also because I believe the author will keep improving and the next one will be twice as good as this one!

Rating: 3/5

Have you read this book?
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