The Zombie Apocalypse Boog Tag

em terça-feira, 25 de setembro de 2018 |
Hello book-nerds!
Do you know what day it is? Its book tag day! As usually I'm doing this with Presa Nas Palavras and should definetly go check her answers.
I did not creat this book tag (and take no credit for it's originality), those need to go to Nannerale.

My characters are:

- Helene from An Ember in the Ashes
- Carlisle from Twilight
- Patch from Hush Hush
- Ian from Despedaçada
- Hannah from The Deal

Helene. Not really sure how our only warrior would be the first to die but... We are now doomed.

Carlisle. To be fair, he can't die...

Patch. How, exactly, would that work? Bye, bye sweet boy.

I am your creator. How DARE you. Do you know that if I die, you die? Do you?

Hannah.  She is probably the least prepared to survive this situation so, she's probably just in shock.

Helene. Before she dies. She makes us such a good plan that we'll all survive thank to it.

Calisle. I mean... duh.
Thank you, Lord.

Patch. Humm... I don't know how I fell about an angel turned zombie being the weapons expert, I'd much rather give it to Helene, but it seems I'm out of luck.

Ha. Ha. Ha. Ian.
Suits him just fine. And will probably get him killed next.

That would be Hannah... And now, we're all going to die, because the idiot of the team is the lider. Who made this decision? Who?

Okay... I'd say I have a chance to survive. How about you? Would you survive? Fell free to do this tag since, like always, I'm not tagging anyone.
See you tomorrow readers!

2 comentários:

  1. eheheh gostava de ver o patch como zombie/anjo

  2. Oh raios, como é que a tua equipa termina a correr tão bem e a minha é um caos? Raios, tive azar. O Ian a virar-se contra ti foi priceless 😂