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Everyone knows Collen Hoover, even if you’ve never read a book by her you know who she is because her books break the internet. 

And I needed to know why? Are her books that good? 

*ratings on Goodreads are extremely high*

I dove into her books by ratings and synopsis on Goodreads. When I picked Ugly Love it was the book with the lowest rating from the ones I found interesting.

And so my adventure began.

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Ugly Love is the story of Tate and Miles, almost strangers. He’s her brother’s best friend and she’s has just moved to her brother’s apartment. Strangers on every aspect but one: the mutual attraction that sparks between them two.
Miles has a secret. He can’t offer her love. He can’t love.
Tate is okay with things being just fun. Until it becomes to much and she’s not.
This story is about the collision of want and need.

I will not pretend I did not enjoy this story immensely, I did, I loved every page of it; however, I also feel obligated to underline this romance is everything but healthy. Please, don’t read this book and think this is how you should be treated or that that’s how a relationship should be. Enjoy this story, learn from the mistakes of Miles and Tate but don’t try to be like them.

That being said, this review will not be focused on how twisted their relationship is.

From the very beginning we are wrapped in this mystery that presents itself as Miles, not only because he is so closed up that you can’t help but want to dig is secrets out but also because of the glimpse we are given into his past. I’m not normally a fan of pausing the plot with this sneak peeks into the future/past but I loved every single one in this book. They gave a different debt to the book so that when the moment came when you find out why you’re are suffering just as much Miles and Tate.

Collen’s writing is simple, straight to the fact, nothing special but her stories are addicting. That I can see the why. What she lacks on writing she makes for in an amazingly creative story.

Her characters are addicting, she sucks you into this world that’s very much real and you can’t get out until you know what’s going to happen to this people you came to care so very much.

Ugly Love finished, I have to say that I understand why people like Colleen’s stories, they’re evolving and creative and easy to read. I’m not fascinated and do not understand why she’s branded an AMAZING author but I kind of get the appeal even if I still think she’s overrated.

Rating: 3 stars

I read Confess next so stay tune for my thoughts on my next Colleen Hoover’s novel.

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  1. I've only ever read one Colleen Hoover novel, November 9, and really loved it. I want to pick up more of her books, especially Confess. I can't wait to hear your thoughts on the book to get more details on what it's about.