Christmas Giveaway winners!

em sábado, 6 de janeiro de 2018 |
Hi book-nerds!
How are you?
Today I'm bringing you - finally! - the giveaway winners of The Christmas Advent Calendar I did with Banal Girl and Little Angie!
It was a pleasure bringing so many great giveaways to you all all the while working with such talented young woman for an entire month! I hope to bring you in the future even more amazing gifts so stick with me!

Now, for what you are all looking forward, our winners!
Keep in mind that, even though, this is the complete list of giveaways you might not be contacted by me but by one of my colleagues.

Dia 1 Winner: Claúdia Santos
Dia 2 Winner: Rita Lopes
Dia 3 Winner: Milú Reis
Dia 4 Winner:  Sofia Rocha
Dia 5 Winner: Ana Machado
Dia 6 Winner: Emilia Silva
Dia 7 Winner: Claudia Fernantes
Dia 8 Winner: Alexandra Guimarães
Dia 9 Winner: Ana Marques
Dia 10 Winner: Inês Oliveira
Dia 11 Winner: Ana Paula Sousa
Dia 12 Winner: Madalena Costa
Dia 13 Winner: Claúdia Costa
Dia 14 Winner: Nélio Rosa
Dia 15 Winner: Lúcia Brandão
Dia 16 First Place Fernando Carmo
Dia 17 Winner: Fátima Figueiredo
Dia 18 Winner: Rita Lopes
Dia 19 Second Place Inês Oliveira
Dia 20 Winner: Teresa Carvalho
Dia 21 Winner: Alice Tomás
Dia 22 Winner: Sofia Rocha
Dia 23 Winner: Adriana Vilela
Dia 24 Winner: Marcos Silva

Everyone will be contacted between today and tomorrow and will have a week to answer with their information!
Thank you to everyone who joined and a very special thanks to every author/publisher/artist that gave us the privilege to offer you their work!
Congratulations to everyone who won! Don't get sad if luck wasn't on your side, we will still have many giveaways in the future!
Hope to see you next time!!

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