Spotlight | Help a new author | Um Mundo para Além do Alasca : Vol. 1

em sábado, 9 de dezembro de 2017 |
How are you guys?

In the spirit of the holidays I bring you today something different, a fellow book blogger is trying to get his first book published but unfortunately, he can’t afford to do it all by himself. Rodrigo is making a pre-sale of his book to raise money for the first edition!

The synopsis  will be in Portuguese, but as long as you’d like to support contact the author and make your purchase!

I think the book sounds interesting! Don’t you think?


Lukas viaja para um mundo alternativo e para o salvar terá de partir em busca de uma pedra mágica juntamente com um grupo de criaturas que ele nunca viu na vida

Don't forget to help this project, our authors (any author) deserves a chance to prove is worth and maybe this will turn out to be one of your favourite books.

I believe in you dreamers!

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