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A book that is crazy for a person that’s never been sane.

How I love the concept of this book. Gerra e Paz (War and Peace in English) is a Portuguese publisher that took an unusual approach to the classics of literature; instead of redoing the cover and calling it a new edition the redid every page.

With new illustrations and a format you’ve never seen, this edition of The Three Musketeers is the one to have if you are a fan of this amazing story! Or if you’d like to give it to someone younger, this version takes away any hard-complex word and turns a rich text into something anyone will easily understand.

The book actually praises itself for its ability to be read by the younger minds
Every page is a new adventure, not only by the story itself, which I will not talk about because everyone’s familiar with D’Artagnan story, but because you don’t know if you’ll have to hunt for the words, or if you’ll take a bullet or read from a window or pyramid! The surprises never stop.

It’s honestly a wonderful edition, if you have not given yourself the chance of reading The Three Musketeers or if you are afraid you won’t understand half the words, go and buy the story from Guerra e Paz.

Rating: 4,5 stars.

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  1. Acho excelente estás reedições dos clássicos para passar o "bichinho" da leitura aos mais novos! Este é um dos que nunca li mas tenho curiosidade.

    My Own Anatomy ✨

  2. Os Três Mosqueteiros faz parte da nossa infância, através até, de desenho animados e de contos, eu gostava de ler outra versão da história e a meu ver, parece-me muito interessante.
    Alexandre Dumas é um grande escritor e devemos muito valorizar a nossa literatura, ou seja a literatura portuguesa.