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Hi guys! In the mist of the crazyness of Christmas here's a review for you!
Keep in mind that I am reviewing the second book of the Kolbrann series so it will contain mild spoilers for the first one.

The second instalment on the Koldbrann series has come and it’s very tiny.

With a hundred and sixty-eight pages, this book brings back the story of Diana and Josh who are now on the outside, literally running for their lives, but it also follows the story of everyone they left behind.

Something I adored and gave a complete new density to the book was being able to see the consequences Diana’s decision on the other characters. Her mother and aunt, her friends, the king and queen. While it sometimes was boring to be reading about characters I don’t particularly care for, it amounted to a great storyline. I did, however, wish we had seen more of Diana and Josh.

After the amazing start this series had, making expectations were high, I kept hoping the second wouldn’t disappoint me, it didn’t! It’s a good book but… if you guys remember, I said the first one missed a little of action, this one makes up for that, being an action packed adventure; however, it’s all packed together and I like well explored scenes with many details so I can picture everything about what’s happening. With this jumping around and quick work it misses that…connection to the reader that the other had.

Try to keep in mind this book tells us two/three says of story so it is supposed to be quick, the first one is in the spam of months. But I don’t know… it missed something.
I didn’t like it as much as the other one and yet again, I find second books to normally be worse than the first ones so that’s pretty normal.

One thing I enjoyed immensely was the use of different languages (much like the first one) giving us a better sense of how diverse the world is within the book.

Full of plot-twists and turns of events, this is a great series for those who love action-packed sci-fi books. Are you looking for a book to keep you up at night because you cannot put it down? Koldbrann’s the perfect choice!

*This book was kindly provided by the author Ana Cláudia. Contact her through her Facebook Page to know more about her books!*

Rating: 4 stars.

Are you familiar with Claudia's work? Are you looking forward to reading this series, I personally want the third book for yesterday please, Claudia, hurry up!
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  1. Não conhecia esta série mas parece interessante.

  2. Obrigada pela resenha! :) o próximo está quase quase!

  3. Obrigada pela partilha!!! Gostei muito

  4. nao conhecia obrigada parece ser muito bom

  5. Bom dia, não conheço o livro nem a autora, o livro tem romance? Eu não sou muito de ficção mas se tiver romance à mistura era capaz de ler, pareceu-me interessante. Obrigada e Bom Ano Novo! :)