Review - Koldbrann: Part 1 - Rebeldes by Ana Dâmaso

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Best. Sci-Fi. Book. I’ve. Read. In. A. Long. Time.

I don’t only read fantasy, though it may seem like it sometimes. I love sci-fi books but for some reason I don’t get to read it as often as I’d like! I wonder why…?

First Portuguese science fiction book I think I’ve read. Do you guys know any? I want to read more sci-fi and if it’s Portuguese even better!

Koldbrann’s a Portuguese book by Cláudia Dâmaso, I was given a copy of this book by Chiado Editora.

Resultado de imagem para koldbrann parte 1Koldbrann’s the story of Diana Salvatore a girl who survived a Kold attack and was then adopted by adopted by the warrior that saved her. But getting the chance of living in Scallabis might not be the best, especially when she is forced to give up her dream in order to fulfil her duty.
You might have noticed – or not, it’s totally fine – that I loved this book. It’s Cláudia’s first book but honestly such a good start to an amazing series. (I’ve started the second one and is even better!).

Every character in this book starts and ends being completely different people. Character development guys! I have to say, I missed a good book with characters well developed in the last days. Or maybe is just the fact that plants don’t move, and I had to study plants a lot. *thinking* 

I really liked Diana from the start, a strong independent woman forced to walk a path she did not choose and that rebels against the supreme authority? A best friend that’s an adorable teddy bear? Girls supporting each other and fighting together? Sign me in!

The whole world/history of this story is really well-built, you can tell that Cláudia spent a lot of time thinking and planning her book. I don’t believe I found a plot whole on the whole book (until now 500+ pages), which is honestly one of the biggest things to me. It doesn’t matter if the book has flaws (visually or grammar wise) or not the important – for me – is the plot! And the author excelled in constructing the story.

Congratulations Cláudia!

The one thing I didn’t enjoy about this book was that it lacked a bit of action. It focused mainly on Diana fighting and her pretending to accept her fate (but actually fighting) which lives little room for developing other plot lines, like what happened for people to get turned into Kolds (zombie like humans, turned by the use of a drug) or how a certain treaty happened.

I have so many questions and so many theories and I just want the rest of the collection to come out so I can read everything in a go! Cláudia hurry up, yes?

To finish up I definitely recommend this book for science fiction lovers looking for a new look on the boring stories of ‘’the world ended because of war’’. An amazing read that promises to blow you away.

Rating: 4.5 stars

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