I went to Iberanime OPO 2017!

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That's right guys!
I finally tried Iberanime OPO (Porto) this year! And I documented the day to help you decide if you'd like to attend next year!

21st October 2017 - 9h45

Me and my friend (Ana Silva) arrive at Gondomar where Iberanime would take place. Doors open at 10h30 and an hour before the line was huge!!
We get in line and wait (line gets bigger and bigger - almost double of what it was).
21 st October 2017 - 11h

We actually ended up going to the line for the 4gamers (that was taking place at the same time) and got in earlier.
First stop the games room.

A place with different game characteristically from a time period. Games like Super Mario, Ping Pong, Street Fighter were featured in different stiles, joystick, computer, wii, playsation, gameboys and Nitendo DS are some of the examples.

She's playing something on a newer version of playstation

So weird ... 

And addictive ... 

I don't know how to use this controler .-. 

My favourite part was the virtual reality game, where you shot at robotic machines trying to kill you.

We made our way into the actually Iberanime and stoped again to play - I really wanted to try another virtual reality but ended up loosing myself and not getting time to go!

So many, many people!

Ana told me there was a lot more people this year than in the previous, probably the fact that it was attached to 4gamers helped!

We then went to the main auditory to see the AMV, which for those of you like me who don't know what it is, it's a fanmade video competition. A compilation of moments from one anime or more with a kickass song to stir curiosity in order to have you watching that anime.

I loved it!
I'm not the biggest fan of anime but I ended up wanting to watch almost every single one used in that competitation. <3 don="" i="" just="" names="" now...="" p="" remember="" t="" the="">
After having luch we decided to try bubble tea - not my first time with this drink but my first time with this company.

Story time:
Me and friend decide to share a bubble tea because - money.

Guy from the shop: ''We have four flavours. Orange, Passion Fruit *and another I don't remember the name* ''
Friend: ''And the fourth?''
Guy: ''We have blue. Coral.''
Me: ''And what is it?''
Guy: ''A mixture of citrins.''
Me and friend exchange looks. At the same time: ''Coral!''

I L-O-V-E-D this tea!!!!!
The bubbles were extraordinary and the tea tasted delicious * -* I want moreeeee

Us totally not regretting trying it

The artis valley was amazing. Portugal has such talent being wasted!

~ I spent all my money there. ~ 

I bought bookmars and stickers which were adorable. I had a hard time choosing, again, not the biggest fan of anime so my choices were limited but I did find and an adorable Kitty in a Banana dressed as Captain America - the cutest thing ever.
Here's a tasted of what I didn't buy but really wanted to and will accept as a gift!

Cosplayers area big part of any event like Iberanime and this edition was no exception, from the competition that took place at this day to the simpler ones, done only for their owners to enjoy the fantasy of tranforming into their favourite characters!
I love cosplaying, I'm just not very talented.

Ana Silva cosplaying next to an adorable fighting pikachu

To finish the day we participated in Para Para Dance, a weirdly enternaing experience where you dance in public to the sound of Japanese music. Very relax and stress free I enjoyed the experience of gaining a few bruises while moving the body in anime style.

Iberanime was an overall nice experience, even with my little knowledge in the costumes and culture I still felt like I fit in.
I recomend this to everyone and anyone with a love for anime and Japanese culture or just an interest in trying new things. I liked it!!

Now, next stop: COMIC CON PORTUGAL 2017!

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