Spotlight - Wooden Heart by Daniel Abrahams

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Guys! What an amazing book I found!!
And by an amazing person as well. I’ve had short contact with the author but he is just starting and is super sweet. So check it out!


In this contemporary fiction title: Dale, is a man coming to terms with his selfish lifestyle, which has seen him close himself off from his loving family. Now, as haunting visions take over his life, he finds his actions have a price and his attempts to turn himself around, inspired by a harrowing journey into his own psyche, may have come too late.

It is available here:

About the author:

Daniel Abrahams is a London born sports, entertainment and fashion journalist who has worked on numerous regional, national and international newspaper and magazine titles over the past 20 years.

He has ghost written one published title in 2013: Through Adversity: The Fight for Rugby League in the RAF. Published by Scratching Shed.

The Wooden Heart is his first work of fiction.

You can find him on:
Facebook: DPAbrahams
Twitter: @abrahamsdan390

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