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31327668~ Received an ecopy from Netgalley ~
I started this book as a diversion for my time on the bicycle on the gym – I don’t do music very well.

To be honest, I couldn’t remember what this book was about anymore all I knew was that it was one of the ones I should have read long ago and didn’t. I’m so sorry if the author is reading this, I tried! But my life got super dupper complicated and I turned my attention to physical books.
I’m so sorry!

Back to the book.

The Reader is the story of Ann and orphan who wakes up on the beach without any recollection of her life and is rescued by two handsome strangers.

Ann is then thrown into a world with two secret battling factions, the Jacks, the humans that involved to occupy and change people thoughts to their will and the Readers, immortal humans that evolved to read minds; where she is the key that will dictate the winning side.
The story started really nicely done with a quick pace and developed the story went along smoothly.

Until… the pace became so quick nothing developed properly.

The biggest problem with this book is how unexplained the things went (fast pace), the author began falling from the ‘show don’t tell’ line. Characters quickly jumped from friends to foe and romance bloomed out of thin air (not insta love though, that’s a point in its favour).

It’s also just one book, so the story needed to end and begin in the space of 300 pages and that, I think, was the big problem.

However, the writing is good, I liked most of the character and although they weren’t well developed I liked them, they reached the author.

Overall not a bad read, really quickly to be read so if you are looking for something to read in one sit, try this one!

Rating: 3 stars.

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