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First of all thank you, Marta from The Book Mermaid, for tagging the blog for the Beauty and The Beast Book Tag!

I haven't watched the live-action movie yet, but that story was part of my childhood and, having a small kid at home who loves stories, the book is still part of my daily life.

But enough talking about me! Shall we begin?

The pictures used are from Du Livre

A villain you can't help but love!

Usually I tend to have a thing for villains (that works better when we are talking about TV shows), but I can't say which one I love! So if I really have to choose one then it will be *spoiler alert* Maven!

Your OTP

That one is easier for me, I guess... Since lately I've recently read Voyager from the Outlander series and I'm honestly exciting for the new season, I choose Jamie and Claire (so relationship goals, I swear!)

(The portuguese cover)

A character that's destined for bigger things

Karou from Daughter from Smoke and Bone. Only some people know how fast I read the damn book! I absolutely loved it!

(The portuguese cover)

A book that makes you hungry

Oh well!... Dreamology *sighs* 
So beautiful...!

Opposites attract

Winston Smith and Julia from 1984!

(The portuguese cover)

I tag...

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  1. So interesting! I'm also a fan of Jamie and Claire :) (how could I not, right?)

  2. My daughter has loved Beauty and the Beast from the time she was a child and now she is 26. When I read through this post, it reminded me of her so much. Thanks for bringing a little of her childhood back into my life!

  3. Adorei ler 1984 :o , com tantos por ler mas tou a pensar reler esse

  4. Obrigada por me taggares! Adorei a tag!!! Adoro a Karou também! Já leste os 3 livros?
    Uma grande bejoca!

  5. Hello everyone! Thank you for your kind words! I'm sorry I'm only answering now and for not being able to directly answer to every single one of you. Kisses!!!!