Review - Ameaça de um anjo (The threat of an angel) by Patricia Ferreira

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I'm so excited to talk to you about this book! Not only because of what I have to say but because I had the honor of participating in one of Patricia's presentation and I've got some photos for you (kindly provided by the author).


Elena Cam felt like she didn’t belong in Angels, always feeling like a strange even in her own body. Until she was saved by a total stranger.
Tattoos appeared across her body and power affected her life along with her friend’s, Bella and the twins, Landon and Justin.
What started as something weird and amazing quickly became threaten by an unknown figure. Is the one who saved willing to kill her? Why bother with spear her life and the hunt her?
Finding out she was a Nephilim, half angel, half human, she starts doubting of Ethan Fallen who moved to Angels right as she turned. Ethan is mysterious and even though she doesn’t trust even, there’s a connection. When Elena finds that she’s part of an old prophecy, she must decide if she’s willing to sacrifice her life and her friend’s to catch the person threatening her life.

The threat of an Angel is the start of The Prophecy of Light and Dark Saga.

*this synopsis is not official as it was translated by me*


~ This book was kindly provided by our partner Chiado Editora ~

This is another Portuguese book, from a Portuguese author that I was dying to read.
My expectations were over the roof I must admit. With a synopsis like that and a cover this amazing, what’s there not to like?

I’ve had the time to talk and discuss The threat of an Angel with Patricia – the author – and she’s an amazing person so go check the book and talk to her. She will love to hear from you.

>> check

I’ll start by saying I have very conflicted ideas about this book, on one hand, I really stories of angels and Nephilims but on the other hand, this story has some very fundamental problems.

Normally, I’ll mark an annoying main character from the beginning and it will ruin my reading experience completely (look at Fallen I hated Lucinda and so I disliked every word in her point of view), but throughout the book Elena grows and adapts and become ever so slightly less annoying, allowing me to enjoy the book.

Still, I didn’t quite connect with any character, making it so that when ~spoiler~ one of them died, it didn’t upset me, make me angry or sand. ~ spoiler ~.

The problem is, I think, that Patricia’s writing still needs refining, her texts are long and repetitive, making the story longer than it needs to be. I believe – because I’ve been there – that when writing she feels the need to make the reader feel and see what’s in her head and that sometimes leads to overcomplicating things. Every writer walks a fine line between exaggerating and being perfect. Patricia, still needs to find her balance, I believe she will though, towards the end she showed some improvement.

Also, every character has their emotions exaggerated. Everyone is always furious. Someone will say ‘’Hello’’ and the other person will get mad.


The end – as in the last 50 pages – are the only action in the book. I won’t say the beginning and middle are unnecessary – they build up relationships and build a bridge between the reader and characters – but it could have been significantly less.

I believe this story has true potential, even with the problems I pointed out. Patricia will grow and correct these details, allowing us – the reader – to feel more for her story. Because there are some really good ideas there.

The whole plot of the choose one is done in an intricate way, a new way. I really, really liked it and don’t want to tell you what exactly because – spoilers. But it was a worthy read even if it disappointed me a little.

Give it a tried and let me know what you think!

Rating: 3.5/5


I've than many of these because of my book, but never one in which I was invited.
Thank you Patricia!
Here's some photos for you to check it out!

That's all! Let me know what you think in the comments!!!

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