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Guess what? I’m back!

I’ve been meaning to write about this book for weeks but my exams got in the way and for that I’d like to apologize to the author for taking so long to write this review.

This book as an ARC I received to review a few months ago and I was supposed to be a read along with The Banal Girl, but we ended up reading in different times. Uppppsss.

What should I say first?

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The artwork 
I’m just in love with how creative this is! Every photo of this book is just so pretty! Honestly? I want more books doing this! ~ and I may or may not have passed five minutes staring at some of these designs ~
I don’t know if the artwork in the ARC and the book itself will be the same but I’m betting it won’t change a lot, so give yourself the pleasure of this books, if nothing because of these amazingly beautiful pages.
But if you are not sold by pretty shiny things – ohhh I just realised this could have been a whole new kind of amazing if it had glitter :O – let yourself fall into this world knowing you won’t regret it!

Starswept is the story of a society that values Arts – music, dancing were the main ones I think – and sells the best of the best to Adryil, a humanoid planet, more developed than Earth.
Will anyone ever make a book where Earth is the more developed planet? If you know any, let me know in the comments!
So, Iris Lei is a violinist who’s struggling to live to her mother’s name and score high in the school rank. Papilo – the school – has a big event coming and while Iris should be practicing for the performance that could change her life, her mind is off in the mysterious Adryil boy that broke into the school and somehow trusted her with a strange glowing device.
But what is it? And why does it seem that Iris can’t stop seeing his face at every turn?

>>>>>> read to find out 

This is not Mary Fan’s first book and I think that shows on the expertise with which she plays with the story, making it evolve effortlessly. Her writing is also very compelling, making you fall into her world and not want to get out.
That being said, I’d like to point out that the author still has some way to go before her writing is completely refined. There’s still some sloppy dialogue, breaking a little the bubble of the story. I’m sure it will be improved in the next one.

Her characters are well built, balancing between qualities and defects lightly tipping from one side to the other. Just like real people do.

I also enjoyed the storyline very much, it didn’t seem forced or made out of nowhere. It was cohesive and smart, not very surprising, there weren’t many twists and turns still it was very enjoyable. Good book to dive in if you’re looking for a nice time.

Rating: 4 stars

Are you familiar with Mary Fan's work? 
How curious are you for this book? Let me know int he comments!

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  1. I'm not familiar with Mary Fan's work and the book genre isn't my favorite either, but you did a really great review - it's very complete without being boring or "too much". I really liked it!

    Bia from Bookaholic.