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Layla Harrison has finally found herself in the middle of a celebrity story worth reporting. Aster Amirpour’s name is in every tabloid—even if it isn’t the good kind of publicity she hoped for. Tommy Phillips is inches away from getting the girl of his dreams, which may be harder than scoring a VIP ticket to an Unrivaled nightclub.

But Layla, Aster and Tommy never imagined it would be because they’re entangled in the disappearance of Madison Brooks—a story that’s blinded the world like a starlet blinded by the flash of a paparazzi camera.

Now, Layla is receiving mysterious messages from an anonymous source, Aster’s looming murder trial is so huge even her parents’ lawyer can’t save her, Tommy is retracing his steps as the last person Madison saw alive, and Layla’s ex Mateo finds himself lured into the fold.

You can dig up dirt about celebrities that the tabloids miss if you search long enough. But when Layla, Aster, and Tommy team up with an unsuspecting insider to unearth the truth, they’ll find that some secrets are best kept in the grave.


I’m utterly disappointed with this book.

But before going to that let me thank Catarina from Nerd Chique for turning this painful book into a funny activity.
It was awesome reading with you, we should do it again soon 😊

Back to Blacklist.
Let me start by saying I did not read the first one, but that’s not my first rodeo and I know how to fit in the story and not want to understand everything in the beginning. Some of my favourite books I started like this – given, I saw the movie, but still.
I’ll disregard the plot for the sake of fairness. Although there are some points I cannot look past.

First, the characters. There’s not a single relatable character in this book. I just ended up not liking a single point of view (every chapter is narrated by a different character, there’s like 5 of them). I didn’t create any kind of bond with any of them, actually, I didn’t even liked anyone in particular. If they were guilty or not, nice or not, didn’t bother me.
They just weren’t… memorable.

Second, the writing. It’s not my first book from Alyson Noel (I read 4 of the saga Imortals – Evermore, Blue Moon, etc…) but I think her writing has gotten worse. Coming from cliché but interesting and able to capture the readers attention, to more mature and less captivating.

I won’t tell you this is a horrible story – though in my opinion it is – but I also won’t tell it is a good book – because it’s not.

I won’t rant any longer about Blacklist. It’s not worth it in my opinion. But try reading the first one and then let me know if you disliked as much as me.

Rating: 1/5 stars.

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