8 on 8 - May

em terça-feira, 9 de maio de 2017 |
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Another month, another 8 on 8.
May’s theme is disappointing reads.
Oh man, this one is hard!
Want to know my 8 top heart breaking reads? Click below to find out more!
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1.    Divergent (3 of them)

Resultado de imagem para divergent booksThis is probably the book that pains me the most to have on this list. It’s not like I disliked the books. I read the three of them in a week with school in between and on my phone.
Divergent was one of those things I was completely addicted to and super excited for the conclusion. It has do much potential. It could have been great. But then… the second and the third book happen and you just go from being on top to a tortuous descent to below zero.

160998442.    Cursed

Oh Gods. Most of you won’t know this book. But a year or two ago I found this on Goodreads and I just had to read it. Even try to get it while I was at London. Couldn’t get the bloody book anywhere.
Until I stumbled across a copy on the Internet.
Gods. Gods. It was the most annoying book I ever laid my eyes on.
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3.    Everything Everything

This one didn’t exactly break my heart for how terrible it was. But from the noise the Internet was making about it, I was expecting a hell of a lot more.
4.    Unearthly

Long story short, I started the ebook, loved the beginning so got the physical book and it turned out to be the classical crossed-star lovers who fight destiny to not be together.

Resultado de imagem para a bela e os lobos5.    A Bela e os Lobos (Beaty and the Wolves)

Another one that just fell short of the potential it had.

Resultado de imagem para a court of thorns and roses6.    A Court of thorns and roses
I love this book. I more or less devoured it along with the second one. I just had really high expectation and they weren’t quite met.

Awesome book though. The fault is on the internet.

Do you agree? Disagree? Let me know your thoughts in the comments!

4 comentários:

  1. Hello!!

    Well, I knew most of the books you talked about and chose for this 8 on 8!

    To be honest, I liked A Bela e os Lobos, and loved Divergent.. hehe :) But everyone is different! ;)

    Boas leituras!! ;)

  2. Ainda não li nenhum dos livros que foram citados, embora tenha o "Divergente" (ofereceram-mo há uns anos e ainda não ganhei vergonha na cara para o ler!!), obrigada pelas dicas e boas leituras! :)

  3. Olá não conhecia este blogue.
    Dos blogs de 8 on 8 não conheço: Guerra dos Livros
    Enjoy Books, Cantinho Cult, Banal Girl e Meu Amor pelos Livros.

  4. Gostei do blog, só acho que deverias escrever em português, torna-se mais facil de compreender ou então anexares o tradutor ao blog, facilitava muito :)