Review: The Outs by E.S. Wesley

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First, I'd like to thank Curiosity Quills who kindly provided this awesome book.

Caleb’s been changing ever since the memory-stealing blackouts—the Outs—started. He used to be a good, dependable, honor-student, but now his parents have vanished, and something inside tells him their disappearance is his fault. 

That something has a voice—a voice that's pushed him to kidnap a little girl. Caleb believes he did it to protect her, but now he’s starting to wonder if he’s the one she needs protection from.

Then there’s his friend, Kitzi. Kitzi knows a secret she can’t share, locked in her head behind layers of brain damage. Kitzi wants to help Caleb, but she suspects a connection between this little girl and the Outs. If she can survive Caleb’s mistakes and the strange girl’s reality-bending fits long enough to put the pieces together, her secret might save them.

Or it could mean the end of everything.

My mind has been completely blown away by this book.
I can’t even…


‘’The Outs’’ takes us to a world where every day, at some point in your routine, there’s a wave that turn everything off. Cars, lights, technology, even our brains. What happen in the Outs stays in the Outs, because you can’t remember what happen.
Not unless you’re a brain-damaged girl with aphasia whose super power is to talk and remember everything that happens during the Outs.
This book follows two points of views, Kitzi’s and Caleb’s (or Cap as she prefers to call him – it’s easier and he makes her think of Captain America)
And Caleb is a deatheader, a 18 year old boy who decided to join the crazy bunch of people that like to kill themselves during the outs and feel the thrill that fills your veins once you're revived. (Did I forget to mention that once the Outs end everything restarts? Like nothing ever happened? Even a human body.)
One day, Caleb wakes up, and then he’s running with a little girl in his arms. A girl he thinks he’s protecting. But maybe he’s not. Or maybe he really kidnapped a girl and is now fugitive. But maybe, just maybe, what really happened is that the little girl kidnapped him?
Are you confused?

Read. The. Book.

I can’t express this well enough. This books is amazing!!!
It’s kind of a mystery when you’re reading it. You always think you’ve figure it out and then you haven’t. And that’s amazing!
If you like Sherlock, for example, you like this. Even if they close to nothing in common.
This book is so beautifully written, that you can’t help but be swept into this world and fall for its characters. While, and I must say that that is what’s keeping me of giving 5 * to The Outs is the lack of … I don’t actually know the word for it, but I didn’t connect to the characters the way I should. Even though I shipped it, even though I wanted them to survive or be okay, it just wasn’t they way it should… I don’t know, I think the only thing lacking on this book is that you don’t connect with the characters as much as you should. Some scenes could have been more explored thus giving us more to work with.
That being said, I’m over the moon with this book. I honestly can’t express enough how much in love I am with this world. And how much I would like to have something more to read so that I didn’t have to let go.

Rating: 4.9999999/5

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