Review - Viagem a Um Novo Mundo By Tamara Robalo

em terça-feira, 25 de abril de 2017 |
34886247Hey guys!
Today I'm very sad. 

You want to know why? Because of the book I'm talking about today.

I will not give to much information... It's a portuguse book and I'm not in the mood to translate everything. Feel free to check Chiado or Goodreads for more information!


I’d like to thank our partner Chiado Editora for providing me to with this copy.
I didn’t finish this book.
I went as far as the middle but going farther was just to much to ask.
When I saw this book I thought: ‘’Wow. What is this?’’. I love to try new things and this book just seemed so peculiar that I had to try it.
Big mistake.
As I’ve said, this will not be a long review and the main reason is because I don’t have good things to say about this book.
It’s a very childish tale with a childish kind of writing. Wish maybe be good if you’re thinking of giving this book to a child? I don’t know. I wasn’t expecting this book to be for children, it’s not listed as such and so, for me, it seems as though the author still has a long way to go before being able to construct a good story.
From talking-thinking animals with way to much relevance to a full grown adults drooling because of excitement, the author manages to pack a great deal of creativity into this book.
The whole story is quite creative. I dare say it’s in wrong category and should come with a warning: story for kids.

Honestly, for me, I don’t see a single thing positive in this book – besides the creativity – but if you’re into kids stories or you’re looking for a story to read to your kid, this might just be your book.

Rating: It's more a 0,5 stars, then 1 but I'll round it up for the creativity!

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