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Warning: If you haven’t watched the 4th season of Sherlock and you are planning to do it, or if you haven’t watched any episode at all but you want to, please skip this review for it might contain spoilers.

Hello everybody! I’ve recently finished the 4th and probably final season of Sherlock. Well, I’m still dealing with all the troubles that it brought me (not trying to scare you, but beware). The whole season was pretty much intense and, sometimes, a little bit dark.
The first episode starts with Mycroft dealing with the death of Charles Augustus Magnussen. I’m pretty sure that if you are reading this, you know what happened, but if you don’t, well… I guess you have to watch the episode, because I’m not going to tell you! The episode also shows Watson and Mary adapting to their new born daughter, Rosamund Mary Watson. Also, it shows Watson’s new acquaintance, a mysterious woman.

And what about Moriarty? Where is he? Wow wow! Easy there! Well, is he really dead? You’ll have to learn by yourself!

At some point, Sherlock engages on an odd case which he thinks to be Moriarty’s work. Odd or not, while resolving the case, our hero learns that Mary’s life is at stake due to her past (which is directly connected to the case, proving that Moriarty has nothing to do with it). That’s when things got a little bit intense. With his friend’s wife in danger, Sherlock makes the promise of protecting Watson’s family. Everything seems to be resolved, but then, this TV show taught me that even in the very last minutes the game can (and usually does) change. Yes, I’m talking about the twist that broke my heart (to say the least).

The second episode was really bittersweet as Sherlock and Watson struggle with the last events. Our hero seems to be really messed up as he digs deep into drugs, he’s unstable. The whole episode itself is a roller coaster of emotions and you find yourself working really hard to keep up with the plot. I assure you that I’m still trying to figure out most of it.
Also, Mycroft reveals the possible existence of a third Holmes brother. How cool is that? Really cool and mind blowing, yet, if I was already troubled with the plot, I got worse. I mean, how were they going to fit this whole ‘third brother’ story?

As the show goes on, it gets darker and darker, and, at some point, I start to worry about Sherlock’s safety. I mean, really! He’s running into a ‘cereal killer’s’ (if you’ve watched the show, you’ll understand this joke) lair!
No worries! Everything ends well as Sherlock uses his intelligence to fight the bullies! However, I’m only talking about the end of the case. The end of the episode is a different story as it is full of plot twists over plot twists that had my mind blown! I must admit that some of those twists were a little bit expectable once there was a, let’s say, introduction with flashbacks. The last one I didn't see coming though.
Finally the last- but not the least- episode! This one was dark and really intense. It reveals the story of the third brother and connects with the previous episodes, especially the first one when we are introduced to a story that Mycroft used to tell Sherlock when they were children. Also we get to know the master mind behind Moriarty’s wicked games.
The title of the episode describes perfectly the essence of this season finale. Sherlock, Mycroft and Watson are caught in a game where they are tested ‘till their limits. We are greeted with very emotional scenes and stories. I was very pleased with this new side of the show and characters.
Although Sherlock wasn’t the smartest brother, he proved to be the most balanced one. Gifted with humanity that made him vulnerable and very emotional, this emergent side of his only made him stronger.
This was all ‘oh so beautiful’ , but the plot got me really messed up. From confusion, to fear and exasperation (and even breathless), I was a complete mess (in case you haven’t understood yet). I think my mother feared I was insane, truly!
When it came to an end, I was left to pieces and my brain was in knots. I was so confused because some things weren’t very clear to me, but I am sure that I will miss that feeling.

Rating: 4/5

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