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''The land of Soleden is dying because the sorceress queen hunts and kills the people who cared for all nature, the Feravolk. Through their special bond with animals, the Feravolk have become more than men. Faster, stronger, masters of camouflage and stealth. Only a Deliverer born the night of the Blood Moon can save them from extinction.

According to prophecy, Jayden is a Deliverer, but it’s not a destiny she wants. She has no sympathy for either side. The Feravolk killed her family, so they can die for all she cares. And fighting the queen with nothing but daggers and her special abilities—storm predicting—is a suicide mission. Destiny can pick someone else.

Except hiding from destiny proves difficult; Deliverers attract powerful Protectors. Jayden’s is one of the Feravolk, so he can’t be trusted. But he makes her feel safe. Makes her want to save his race. If she chooses to keep hiding, he’ll remain one of the hunted, but he’ll protect her even if it means his death if she faces the queen. Making the right choice has never been so excruciating, especially since the prophecy says nothing about the Deliverer’s success, or survival.''


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I'm speechless. Honestly, I don't even know what to say.

The first few chapters are a bit confusing, you're introduced to 5 different points of view, and it gets a bit annoying because you don't really care about any character, yet, and you're being pushed into their minds.

But has life would have it, I love that about the book. I love how you can see inside of everyone's head, that makes the book so much intimate. You feel their hate, their love, their strength. You don't fall for what others think of them, you fall for their thoughts.
~please note I will speak about the plot, if you want to remain unware of everything jump to the end~
Something I really enjoyed was that you meet every single one of Jayden's brothers, you learn to love them - seriously who wouldn't love them? - and in the spam of a few words, you loose them. But you know them! Normally you lose characters in the beginning of the book but it doesn't affect you, because you don't know them, you're not fond of them. But S.D Grimm, makes you love them! She makes you suffer within 1000 words. Then the same happens with Ryan and Ethan.
I'm in love with everyone, seriously, Logan, Jayden, Ryan, Ethan, Westwind - even Conor, I love them all. 
They were amazingly built. They seem real. They... can't really put it into words. But they are all amazing. Their development throughout the story is also amazing. Even though it seems a bit out of place sometimes, it's all the author playing mind games and it has an explanation.
You know when you're reading and you get the feeling things aren't going in a good direction? Well with Scarlet Moon, the author tells you things aren't going in a good direction. She tells you: don't ship it, you'll get hurt, you'll get a heartache. Plain and simple. But what does she do? Makes you ship it.
People are going to die. You know that, your character is thinking that? What does the author make you cling to? Hope. Because, they'll be alright, right? They can't die, I love them to much.
But I really like that. It's different, normally an author would try to hide to make you want to read, but this one just tells you plain and simple and that's, surprisingly, more fascinating.
~you may continue to read without being afraid of getting knowledge of the plot ~
I love this book.
I just can't express enough how much I loved this book. I was really needing a book that made me fall in love after reading so many, that although good, didn't really get to me the way a book should. But this one did, it really struck my heart and made me not want to finish even though I was eager to find out the end.
And now i'm left crying because ajhfsogs ogusgousghsjgsfsjbfsgkbskhfaohrfagbnmbfoasg. AND I DON'T KNOW IF SHE WILL MAKE ANOTHER ONE BUT I NEED ANOTHER ONE! I NEED TO KNOW WHAT IS GOING TO HAPPEN TO MY BABIES! I NEED TO KNOW ABOUT THE OTHERS. 
I apologise for my lack of professionalism, I'm just to emotional right now. No this, if you do not know if you should or not give a chance to Scarlet Moon. Do. You won't regret it.

Rating: 5/5

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