Review: Cursed (The watchers)

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Review: After months craving this book I finally got it! And what an unpleasant surprise it was.
Not that I find the book bad, actually I find it really easy to read and with quite fascinating ideas, though after a while you feel a strong need to stop specially because of the characters.

They seem to be characterized only by one aspect, you have Tara that is extremely loyal and that stands for a friend, Lily, no matter what, but after a while it kind of becomes annoying since that seems to be the only thing she does (that and eat white dirt o.O). Then you have Brad whose perfectness made me dislike him a little – just for a while – even though he’s British and all… Lily is also a little boring, always depending on someone to help her and always needing a men in her life. Hereafter we have Will, who I personally find quite interesting due to is past with Lily and his aura of mysteriousness and …

WOW what was that? He’s a what?! He’s what?

That completely blow my mind, you are so focused in finding out what Lily really is and who’s after her and then BOUM Will is the one holding the most interesting secret and identity.

Over all I think that Cursed is a decent but I won’t, in a near future, read the second. I’ve tried I promised.

Rate: 2.5

- Tânia

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